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Our high-spec uPVC system works wonders in the rainy UK conditions we all experience. Sunlight and ice resisting, they're built to last a lifetime.

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We offer cutting edge designs with all the latest energy saving features.
  • Efficient draining features
  • Frost and ice resistant
  • Won't degrade in sunlight
  • Offers ventilation to your roofspace, helping to avoid damp and timber rot
  • low maintenance uPVC

These are essential the the long term welfare of your home. We all know what the British Weather is like and unfortunately we get a lot of rain in the UK.

The average roof has to get rid of hundreds of gallons on water per hour when it rains heavily. We all now how destructive water can be an its essential that this water is collected and directed to the drains as efficiently as possible.

Old style timber products just arenít up to the job but a high specification UPVC system will work wonders and last a lifetime.

It resists the sunlight in summer and the freeze and thaw of winter. Long term a good system will allow our roof to be ventilated and save rot in the roof timbers

See the images below for examples of your work then give us a call to see how we can help.

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